ADDRESS: English Harbour

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To be eligible for the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, entries re to have a full keel, be of moderate to heavy displacement, built of wood or steel, and be of traditional rig and appearance. Old craft restored using modern materials such as epoxy or glass sheathing, or new craft built along the lines of an old design, are acceptable. Vessels built of ferrocement may be accepted if they have a gaff or traditional schooner rig. Fibreglass yachts must have a long keel with a keel-hung rudder and be a descendent of a wooden hull design.

Yachts not fitting into the above categories may nevertheless apply, providing documents, photographs or drawings to support their request for entry in the Spirit of Tradition or Historic Classes. Historic Class is new – pre-1976 designs and any keel configuration – will be limited number accepted.  All entries unknown to the Regatta committee must be accompanied by underwater and rig photographs or drawings, and are subject to approval by the Committee, whose decision is final.

For the Dragons – Antigua Dragon Yacht Club Challenge
To charter a Dragon please call or email Tom Paterson, Competitor Liaison at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina 1-268-460-1544 or email 

Any questions on registration please email 


Email us to with your intention to register and with details of your yacht.  All captains must visit the ACYR registration desk at Antigua Yacht Club on Wednesday March 29, 2023 between 9am and 4pm to confirm arrival, pay for entry and receive current Regatta information.