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    The new Steering Committee for the Antigua Classics was announced on 13 November 2018:
    CARLO FALCONE – Chairman
    CAMERON FRASER – Vice-Chairman
    FRANKLYN BRAITHWAITE – Commodore of the Antigua Yacht Club
    TOMMY PATERSON – Competitor Liaison Officer
    JANIE EASTON – Treasurer
    GILLY GOBINET – Programme Editor, Social Media & Sponsor Liaison
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    We are delighted to announce this new partnership with WoodenBoat Magazine. Our mutual love of wooden boats, particularly the vintage and classic yachts, which in our case make up the majority of our participants, and our shared interest in promoting the design, building, restoration and conservation of these beautiful vessels makes this association a match made in heaven.
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    The 2018 ACYR came to a humorous close Tuesday during the highly anticipated Gig Races and Cream Teas
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    Conditions were Caribbean perfect for the final evening of the 31st Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.
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    A CRESCENDO TO THE END – April 23, 2018
    On the fourth and final race of the 2018 ACYR, boats in the lead set off hoping to hold it, while the rest of the fleet went out in full battle mode.
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    THE ACYR LOVES A PARADE – April 22, 2018
    The Kenny Coombs Memorial Cannon Course, perfectly set for four long and lively legs of reaching.
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    Saturday’s action began with gear failure as 86’ Ticonderoga left the dock and a brief exit horn blast turned into an extended play.
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    WILD AND WOOLLY WEATHER FOR RACE 1 – April 20, 2018 
    After a night of blustery rain squalls, followed by hours of uncertain calm, the weather geared up to a respectable 20 knots for the start of Race 1.
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    THE LAUNCH OF THE 31st ACYR – April 19, 2018
    The energy in Falmouth Harbour spiked as each entry sailed in for the start of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.
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    The Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta proudly begins a fourth decade of showcasing maritime history and tradition.
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    Mah Jong is the winner of the 2018 Classic Boat Award for Restoration of the Year, and we are delighted that she will be with us in all her glory in just a couple of weeks from now.
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    APOLLONIA SHINES ON! – March 29, 2018
    A truly inspirational story of how Apollonia was repaired and readied for this year’s regatta after hurricane damage last summer.
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    March 26, 2018
    From humble beginnings on Aschanti of Saba to a major classic yacht event, some new international partners and local supporters have teamed up with us for this years regatta
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    photocredit Tim Wright

    Just one month to go! – March 22, 2018
    Everyone is gearing up for the 2018 classic yacht regatta. Our latest newsletter has details of our events schedule so you can put the dates in your diaries.
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    Two months to go and counting! – February 15, 2018
    Not long to go now! If you haven’t signed up already, make sure you do soon to take advantage of our early bird discount on entry fees that is about to end. Read the latest newsletter to find out about new sponsors supporting us and how you can become a friend of the regatta. We’ll see you soon
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    New sponsors are coming on board and joining our faithfuls – October 24, 2017
    We are delighted to welcome on board our new sponsor for the Concours d’Elégance, the Herreshoff Marine Museum/America’s Cup Hall of Fame. Dedicated to the education and inspiration of the public through presentations of the history and innovative work of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, the Museum is one of the USA’s most important historic maritime treasures.
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    Registration is open for the 2018 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta  – September 28, 2017
    As the Mediterranean and U.S. East coast sailing season draws to a close, many of our friends in the yachting world are once again considering the Caribbean for the winter. All of you will have heard about the recent devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria to our neighbouring islands in the region.
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    A Wet Day on the Water – April 26, 2017
    After days of racing on some of the world’s most magnificent yachts, the only event on the schedule for Tuesday was the afternoon Gig Racing and Cream Tea Party. It’s the day when big boats take a rest, and the little ones come out to play in English Harbour at the historic Admiral’s Inn which was built in 1788.
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    Previous Press Releases

    And The Winner is….  – April 25, 2017
    Nelson’s Dockyard was the quintessential venue for the 30th celebration of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta sponsored by Panerai. For the final evening of a jam-packed week, the historic grounds blossomed with lights, tents, and a magnificent stage filled with glittering trophies..
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    The Incredible Finale – April 24, 2017
    At the end of Race 4, there was a unanimous decision amongst the fleet that the Regatta Committee ordered and received flawless weather. Wind speed started today at 16 knots climbing steadily to the low 20s, turning the last day of racing into a grand finale. Nearly 50 yachts, with sun, clear skies and the Caribbean’s sassy seas turned the waters off Antigua into an artistic masterpiece. For those following the race through the lens of a camera, it was a dream come true.
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    Load that Cannon! – April 23, 2017
    Thirty years ago, the founders of the Antigua Classics planned a magnificent Regatta, including a boat show element with the addition of the Cannon Course. Twenty-four miles of reaching between two well-set marks allows vessels from every class to pass repeatedly, and often dramatically, close. Some consider it the easiest of the four races but this Sunday, weather and seas turned it into more of a high test challenge: steady winds of 20 knots from the east agitated the water which flew anywhere and everywhere. Today the Kenny Coombs Memorial Cannon Race was a lively salute to his genius.
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    It Just Gets Better and Better – April 22, 2017
    Mother Nature turned up the volume for the second day of Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, sponsored by Panerai. Seventeen knots churned the water into rowdy seas, giving skippers and crew the chance to up their game. Since it was the Butterfly course, yachts were tested on every point of sail.
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    And Sail Hard they did! – April 21, 2017
    The first race in the series of four took place with ENE winds of 14 knots accompanied by relatively calm seas.  Start times were delayed due to difficulties in setting the first mark but it gave sailors extra time to scrutinise competition.  It was an amazing scene, with sloops, cutters, yawls and schooners – gaffs galore, flying sails that touched the sky and enough uniformed sailors to fill a battleship. The Holgate 3-Masted Gaff Schooner Adix, carried three dozen crew in eye-catching shirts.
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    Close start of the Single-Handed Race - photo by Jan Hein
    Close start of the Single-Handed Race – photo by Jan Hein

    What a Way to Start Antigua’s Classics – April 20, 2017
    The first of Panerai’s Classic Yachts Challenge for 2017 got underway Wednesday on island time as final members of the fleet pulled in 15 minutes after the close of registration but with plenty of time to partake in Mount Gay’s infamous Red Hat Party. With a backdrop of spectacular vessels flanking Nelson’s Dockyard – their international  flags flapping in salute – long time friend of the Regatta, Helen Spooner,  greeted almost 50 beauties and their faithful crew.
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    Incredible camaraderie happens on the water and ashore at the ACYR.
    Incredible camaraderie happens on the water and ashore at the ACYR.

    Happening Now in the Dockyard – April 17, 2017
    English Harbour is electric with excitement as boats sail in for the 30th Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, the first in this year’s series of the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenges. Vessels are arriving from all quadrants of the compass. Some crossed the ocean in containers; a few cruised north from down island; many journeyed from the States, Canada, Bermuda, Europe and beyond. One came from the Pacific Ocean via the Panama Canal and another took the long way around the Horn. Lucky ones came straight from the boatyard.
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    Antigua Classics to be Held in UNESCO World Heritage Site – February 4, 2017
    As a special celebration for 2017, the Antigua Yacht Club is proud to partner with the National Parks Authority to host the 30th Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta in Nelson’s Dockyard, recently designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 18th century forts surrounding English Harbor and the exquisitely restored buildings and structures within, create the perfect stage for this world-class sailing event sponsored by Panerai.
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