In judging this event, points are awarded according to the condition of each yacht, including how close she is to her original form. There are two categories: best professionally-maintained yacht and best privately-maintained yacht, with winners in five divisions:- Traditional: vessels built as work boats, Vintage: vessels built before 1950, Classic: vessels built and rigged traditionally since 1950, Spirit of Tradition yachts and Classic Motor Yachts. We would like to encourage yachts of all types to enter the Concours. Beyond gleaming brass and unstreaked varnish, we are looking for yachts that achieve their “personal best.” While the appeal of classic yachts is caught up with aesthetics, sailing performance, a sense of history and timelessness, the most profound draw to classics is something intangible…perhaps it has to do with heart and soul…the way a yacht has a life of her own, transcending her owner…Since all the various yachts we judge were built to different standards with different design specifications, it is only fair that we judge each yacht according to her own unique qualifications… Anyone can win… please don’t hesitate to sign up for the Concours d’Elégance at registration.

Photo by Antigua Classic Yacht Regat